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Nancy Chelagat Cherwon, Nairobi

Nancy Chelagat also known as a Chelwek, is a mixed media creative who oscillates between digital media and graffiti murals that she uses to promote social change within vulnerable communities in Kenya.

Her biggest inspiration is the people of the African soil, the vibrance of the African story, the brilliance of the feminine thought and the relevance of African spirituality. Her murals are spread in several countries around the world and continue to showcase the African essence to the world. 

Chelwek has created eccentric pieces founded on African mysticism and spirituality while espousing liberating feminism in her repertoire.  She infuses the vibrance of the African story, the brilliance of the feminine thought and the importance of renewed African spirituality through her art. Chelwek is inspired by life as her art embodies the life-giving essence of every living being in this universe. She translates this essence into art forms that speak to her of the greatness of the universe and the space we hold as creative souls for the ones here and for those to come.

Crown Troupe 2.jpg

Crown Troupe of Africa


Crown Troupe of Africa is a theatre troupe established in 1996, in Bariga, Lagos. It has been the most active Nigerian theatre troupe in the past two decades. As one of the leading performance institutions in Bariga, the troupe has produced many professional performance artists who are active in Nigeria and abroad. Crown Troupe is famous for their ground breaking, unique and innovative rendition of works which are flexible enough to be performed in conventional and unconventional performance spaces.

The founder of Crown Troupe of Africa is Segun Adefila (also known as ‘Oriade’), one of the leading Nigerian theatre artists. Adefila’s first encounter with the arts could be dated to his childhood in Omu Aran in Kwara State, where as a child he danced with masquerades during traditional festivals. This background has greatly influenced theatre practices of Segun Adefila (and Crown Troupe) who consider the role of art a veritable tool for social rejuvenation. With its theatre festivals scuh as ‘Eko Theatre Carnival’, Crown Troupe has become an essential platform for opening up critical debates on public issues, and for forging radical politics among young performance artists and their audiences in Nigeria.

Illuminate Theatre Productions 2.jpg

Illuminate Theatre Productions

Illuminate Theatre Productions is a multidisciplinary creative lab where a collection of young Nigerian performance artists collaborate to create different experimental and artistic projects. They work in the field of dance, music, drama and performance art. Founding members of Illuminatetheatre Productions are Ojodun Taiwo Jacob, Olowu Busayo, Uche Enechukwu, as well as a few other young performance artists based in the marginal communities in Mainland Lagos. With great sensitivity and originality, the young artists of Illuminate theatre Productions have been using public performance as a way of intervening in the public. Particularly with their works in public spaces, they aim to make live performances accessible to everyone.

Ennovate Dance House 3.jpg

Ennovate Dance House


Ennovate Dance House is a collective of hyper creative dance artists and activists from Oworonshoki, a marginal community in Lagos located at the foot of the Third Mainland Bridge. This group is transforming the narratives of the slum community with their dance practices. In the past years, they have organized influential public dancing events and festivals such as “Slum Party”, “Afro Communal Offering”, Rhythm and Blood and so on.


The founder of Ennovate Dance House is Sunday Obiajulu Ozegbe (popularly known as ‘Valu’) is a dancer, activist and creative from Nigeria. Valu a trained dancer from the QDnce Center, and a seed awards recipient of Prince Claus Fund. He also served as a co-curator of the Footprints of David Arts Festival in Nigeria. In 2017, Sunday was selected for training in Artistic Activism by the Center for Artistic Activism, New York. Through his work he focuses on amalgamating performance with community development, bringing the style of dance activism to the fore.


The unique approach to dance of  Ennovate Dance House has earned them features on main stream media like BBC World, Al-jazeera, Euro news and other platforms.

Nitesh Patel

Nitesh Patel is a rapper who grew up in the informal neighbourhood of Dharavi in Mumbai. While studying, he took on to composing raps in his native language Marwari and eventually in Hindi, expressing the journey of growing up in a slum. Eventually, he came together with his friends to form a band 7Bantai’Z.  7Bantai’Z is an Indian multilingual Hip Hop crew consisting of 7 boys from Dharavi experimenting with new forms and variations in their repertoire. The elements of their music are ingenious, innovative, and successive. Nitesh runs a pharmacy by day and is a songwriter and performer in the leftovers of time - an equation which he hopes to inverse.

Amara Fleur (South Africa, invited by Slum Party)

Athandiwe Ntshinga, who goes by the stage name Amarafleur, is a South African singer and songwriter. In the past, she has collaborated with several national and international artists such as UNMAP, Flying Peanut, Buli, ECHLN, Maramza, Kujenga and others. Her music centers around mental health and societal issues linked to women. By writing about her own lived experiences, Athandiwe uses herself as an extension to the work people do to navigate fear, triumph, heartbreak, recovery, anxiety, sensuality and more.



Shopitan Quadri Adekunle 

Shopitan Quadri Adekunle is a native of Ogun state from Nigeria, he was born and brought up in the bariga community. He is a dance Artist, visual artist, curator, choreographer, percussionist and a total lover of the art. Particular about indigenous Art and Music which help to promote our cultural heritage in the society. Pathfinder of the Drum Ministry Art Concept.


Omogbolahan (Video+ Photography)

Omogbolahan is a talented and versatile filmmaker. Co-founding Hill Dreams Productions and being involved in creating various types of content, from TV shows to documentaries, musical videos, cultural content, and commercials, showcases his wide range of skills and interests.


Abdul Kareem Adama Aka (Rapper)

“Abk tha emperor” was born and raised in the suburb in Lagos State known as Oworonshoki. He started rapping at an early age. He is a Guinness world record holder for longest recording marathon with multiple artists in Nigeria. He is the winner of the Rapmurrphobia Rapcypher organized by Remz Entertainment which linked him up with the features with artists from other places around the world.


Daruzee, Miliganti (Rapper)

Adetola adedayo Daruzee was born and raised up in Oworonshoki, Lagos state. He started rappin at the  age of 12 in school going thought different rap cypher events across the state where he has battled with different rappers even on the Hennessy artistry cypher. He was first runner up of the RapMurrPhobia Rap cypher organized by REMz Entertainment in Lagos state.

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